WERKSonPAPER (preview)

study for A New Landscape
ballpoint pen on mylar and digital photograph on paper, 2014

Selection of Bridges (2013-2014)

Selection of Bridges (2013 - 2014)
Currently on view at GrayDuck Gallery, Austin (June 6 - July 6)
  UTSA Downtown Art Gallery, San Antonio (March 4 - August 31)

Bridge 1 (Creating a New Path: Pink Strike Blue Light)
canvas, wood, plexi, duct tape, plastic, acrylic, latex, marker, guoache, marker, staples, nails, fluorescent light
63" x 39", 2013

Bridge 5 (Instinctual Nature for Rebuilding Life)
acrylic, latex, pencil, marker, plexi
34" x 33", 2013

Bridge 8 (Across the Highway I Saw Few Relatives)
wood, canvas, plexi, acrylic, latex, graphite, ballpoint pen, gold pigment, duct tape
48" x 24", 2014

Bridge 10 (Black, White and Everything in Between)
acrylic, latex, duct tape, plexi, canvas, ballpoint pen, gold, marker, graphite, guoache, fluorescent light
24" x 42" x 4", 2014

Bridge 11(Post Berlin)
acrylic, latex, wood, plexi, canvas, wood, cardboard, duct tape, marker, nails, screws, tape
70" x 24", 2014

Bridge 6  (Off the Coast of the Pacific Northwest)
acrylic, latex, iridescent paint, plexi, ballpoint pen, colored pencils, duct tape, canvas
96" x 24", 2013

Bridge 3 (It All Can't Be Gold)
canvas, wood, plexi, cardboard, acrylic, latex, gold pigment, duct tape, nails, charcoal, ballpoint pen, fluorescent light
86" x 31", 2014

Small Bridge 1 ( Woman and Man)
marker, duct tape, pen, graphite, gold pigment, cardboard, plexi, canvas board
15" x 16", 2013-2014


Throughout past and modern scientific developments, we are learning that our planet and universe is comprised of a series of interwoven relationships.  Materials found on Earth can be found on some distant planets.  If a molecule is split in two halves, those two halves are infinitely connected in time.  In an essence, there is the possibility that any particular action can cause an effect in some undetermined manner.

Now if we examine the evolution of painting in this manner, we can begin to understand relationships that occur over time.  I have decided to create paintings with any number of outcomes.  I began examining the "space" between two paintings, allowing myself the opportunity to create a "bridge".  Where there was once a void, we can now build a connection.

A bridge is most thought of as a structure that connects two land masses, or in terms, two objects.  As we have learned from artists such as Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, a painting is an object.  In Science, the Einstein-Rosen bridge, also known as a wormhole, connects different points in space and time.  Since our universe allows us to interpret systems by analyzing other systems, we can then use the idea of a bridge to enable a futuristic approach in creating a painting.

I am considering the "bridge" as a metaphor and end product while evaluating various relationships.  Just like a scientist, an artist should be experimenting with theories and materials.  As an approach, I take into account art history, formal elements of painting and symbolism as components in creating a modern painting.  This allows one to analyze the evolution and growth of a painting.

While this "Bridge" series is large in scope, these selected works focus on the definition of a painting as an object that exists on a two-dimensional plane in relation to a defined space.  I am considering contemporary explorations, evaluations, successes and failures.  If a painting is to exist during a specific time, it should be reflective of that time.  One must acknowledge developments in art, as well as those in science, engineering and social discourse.

These "bridges" are the culminations of variable topics and approaches in modern painting.  I am allowing art, religion, materials, self-expression, social concerns and non-subjective interpretations to direct the evolution of each individual painting.